About Us

About Us

Tri-Teva, LLC is borne out of the compassion to help organizations implement solutions that solves critical workforce gaps. As a woman-owned and operated business with over 10 years in existence, we are passionate about ensuring we provide focused staffing solutions, as we have a sound knowledge of how the hiring process works.

We stand out from other staffing organizations because we understand the government sector and have the expertise in navigating complex federal contracts.

Built on a solid foundation of professionalism, we ensure services we render are in
compliance with government approved standards. We are experienced in contracts, security, compliance and program management to ensure all contracts are management effectively. Our expertise falls into three categories; Talent Acquisition, Human Resource Consulting, and Project Management.


Core Values

The rules we live by!


We have developed a tried and true partnership strategy, which
promotes opportunity.


We believe strongly in what we stand for, and we take pride in doing a great


we are a workforce solution company that actively contributes to the growth of any organization we work with.


our team comprises of experts with over three decades in the


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading workforce solutions company in the areas of Talent
Acquisition, Human Resources, and Project Management.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating and maintaining an array of acquisition products and services to find a talented and motivated workforce. We deliver cost-effective solutions that allows for businesses to focus on their expertise, while we focus on workforce solutions.